Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Thai Stone

Since going natural, so much more than my hair has changed. 

The story:

One day, filling up my shopping cart at Oyin, I switched to a natural deodorant.

funkbuttr oyin funk butter consistency

Oyin’s Funk butter was working, but the container was a problem so I ditched it and thought, I can DIY.  Ugh, I had a bad bad reaction – hidradenitis suppurativa.  Basicly, painful lumps in my armpits, I mean go to the doctor, cough up the copay painful. 

The antibiotics worked but would you believe that *ish* came back a few weeks later, another visit, another copay another prescription.  I REFUSED to constantly be on meds and that’s all the Doc was talking, besides see a specialist, blah blah blah.  He wrote me 2 more scripts, I filled one but refused to fill the other. Dang it!

So, I did my OWN research and learned that it was a result of swollen and infected glands but also that the DIY deodorants es didn’t have an antiseptic kinda (well not strong enough for me). (Kinda like hair DIYs without a preservative). 

tea tree oil 

So, one day, I just tried my Tea Tree Oil on a q-tip (cause it’s $10 a bottle) and BOOYAA!  It worked and guess what, the infection has NEVER come back.  Simply Amazing!!!!

I still didn’t want to use deodorants with aluminum, so I’ve been buying and trying all kinds, and I’m pleased to report this one actually works with bonuses!!! 


This gets Five Stars! (here’s why)

#1 It keeps the funk at bay, Imma lady but I will admit, I need de-o, fo sho.

** {Bonus} **

Easy to use, you just wet it and rub it on your pits. Simple.  Won’t ruin your cute shirt, ever!

Super Duper gentle on your skin!!  I used it today after shaving, no irritation.

You could also use it on ur feet, (my hubbs says my middle kid needs one)

I found this gem at my local Fresh Market ($7 or $8) – we don’t have Whole Foods, but I bet it’s there.  So no S&H – Gotta Luv it even more for that!

{also…It’s only been 2 weeks, so I will let you all know if that pesky infection returns, but I’ve been without it for well over 9 months now.}

Thanks for stopping in.  I appreciate ya for it.

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  1. Great post! has the pj in me wondering. This sounds great and love to see others try natural stuff since I can't try it all! lol

    Certainly will try this and tea tree oil never fails!