Thursday, September 30, 2010


Run over here and check this out.

hmmm, wonder if I’m too old?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Thai Stone

Since going natural, so much more than my hair has changed. 

The story:

One day, filling up my shopping cart at Oyin, I switched to a natural deodorant.

funkbuttr oyin funk butter consistency

Oyin’s Funk butter was working, but the container was a problem so I ditched it and thought, I can DIY.  Ugh, I had a bad bad reaction – hidradenitis suppurativa.  Basicly, painful lumps in my armpits, I mean go to the doctor, cough up the copay painful. 

The antibiotics worked but would you believe that *ish* came back a few weeks later, another visit, another copay another prescription.  I REFUSED to constantly be on meds and that’s all the Doc was talking, besides see a specialist, blah blah blah.  He wrote me 2 more scripts, I filled one but refused to fill the other. Dang it!

So, I did my OWN research and learned that it was a result of swollen and infected glands but also that the DIY deodorants es didn’t have an antiseptic kinda (well not strong enough for me). (Kinda like hair DIYs without a preservative). 

tea tree oil 

So, one day, I just tried my Tea Tree Oil on a q-tip (cause it’s $10 a bottle) and BOOYAA!  It worked and guess what, the infection has NEVER come back.  Simply Amazing!!!!

I still didn’t want to use deodorants with aluminum, so I’ve been buying and trying all kinds, and I’m pleased to report this one actually works with bonuses!!! 


This gets Five Stars! (here’s why)

#1 It keeps the funk at bay, Imma lady but I will admit, I need de-o, fo sho.

** {Bonus} **

Easy to use, you just wet it and rub it on your pits. Simple.  Won’t ruin your cute shirt, ever!

Super Duper gentle on your skin!!  I used it today after shaving, no irritation.

You could also use it on ur feet, (my hubbs says my middle kid needs one)

I found this gem at my local Fresh Market ($7 or $8) – we don’t have Whole Foods, but I bet it’s there.  So no S&H – Gotta Luv it even more for that!

{also…It’s only been 2 weeks, so I will let you all know if that pesky infection returns, but I’ve been without it for well over 9 months now.}

Thanks for stopping in.  I appreciate ya for it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scaredy Cat!


I talk myself in and out of things alll the time.

One of my goals this year was to open an etsy shop, cause I luv, triple heart LUV to make stuff.  Then when I see all the cuteness already on etsy, I chicken out.


I gotta “man” up!

Does this ever happen to you?

Product Junkies Anonymous

I love hair products.  Lots of hair products. Elastics, flowers, creams, gels.  Luv ‘em!


P9220606                                 here’s the drawer in the bathroom sink


and under the sink (i save my empties, see)


                                                   now the closet basket (for when I wear my mixtress hat)


P9220628 P9220610

                                                       miscellaneous goods all over!











                                                                                                  and you remember these………………..yep, still got ‘em

You know what they say.  Knowing is half the battle…

How does this stuff accumulate so quickly?  It really needs order.

Needless to say, I’ve cut down on my spending to try and use up some of this stuff.  My goal is to get all the products down to one basket.

But I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s trial and error not that I want to spend so much money trying products.

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m searching for a simple hair regimen.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


..with recipes this month! 

They are all working on the first try, imagine that!  Ah-mazing (especially considering I muck stuff up).

This one is NOT hair related, it’s sorta like Febreze but far less ingredients and you prolly have the stuff to make it at home.  I’ve actually seen two over the last month, one here another here

But I think she put it best – if your nose goes into sneezing fits with over-the-counter cleaning agents and fabric fresheners, you should definitely try this:

diy febreze

My bottle is considerably smaller than hers, but this was pretty tough to mess up.

  • distilled water (90%)
  • alcohol (9.9%)
  • your favorite essential oil (i’ve tried both sweet orange ($4) and peppermint ($8) – but not together)

Put them all together and squirt the house down!

I mist the sofas, carpets, curtains on a weekly basis and I have YET to sneeze.  The smell  dissipates - (fancy word right, nothing but the best here at curlworld, ha!) – fairly quickly.  But the room will smell great.

Take care.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hair Gelly

(The pics were cut off the first time, so I deleted and reposted not sure how that appears in your reader)

I’ve been using AfroVeda’s PUR Whipped Hair Jelly for sometime. Not until recently did I use it alone and take notice to the luvly reaction to my hair. I did a double take at the label and noticed there were only 6 ingredients, hmmm.

Of course, I wanted to try a remix by Tiff instead of buying more.

(You also need a blender – sorry that isn’t pictured above)

I couldn’t find the sweet almond oil at the regular grocery store, but it was at Fresh Market (some of you may have Whole Foods). I got it online at ebay, but it was actually cheaper at Fresh Market for the same quantity, argh! I also decided against the herbal oil complex, eh, hope it’s not too important.

I started out with:
  • 6oz of Aloe Vera Gel
  • 2oz of Coconut Oil
  • 1oz of Sweet Almond Oil

 I kept adding aloe to try and make it less runny consistency (I used the full bottle of Aloe Vera Gel plus more of what I had left in another jar, but I never added more oil)

 Things were getting drastic, I was out of aloe and hungry…

I was tired of holding the dang button, so I rigged it. I dumped in a capful of the vanilla essential oil, added tape and a butter knife to keep the button down and went and made myself some breakfast.

After a good 7-10 minutes, the entire batch was creamy, thank goodness.

It does not smell as good as Afroveda’s but the texture feels and looks the same. I will have to let you know if it has the same effect on my hair, I will be trying that tonight (it's beau-tee-ful out now, I have to go!)

I think the trick here is more about allowing the blender to whip the oil and aloe together than the amount of aloe you dump in.

Next time, (oh there will be a next time!) I will try:
  • 12oz aloe vera gel, whole bottle (little less than today)
  • 2 oz coconut oil
  • 1 oz sweet almond oil
  • 1/2 tsp – 3/4 tsp of vanilla essential oil (lil more than today)
If you try it, let me know, I’m thinking this is a winner!

Of course, as always, thanks for stopping by Luvlies :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodwill treasures

I forgot to show you all what I scored at the Goodwill..


This dresser went in my son’s room, REAL wood, deep drawers… $20 can’t beat that!


This little nightstand/table, it goes a little above my knee, $6.97.  It’s at the bottom of the stairs for candles, lightbulbs, flashlight, etc.  I also added a tray for my keys and the mail.  I may paint it one day, but no hurry.

P8030389I don’t remember the price on this magazine/book holder but definitely under $5 AND they still sell it new in Target!  (fyi…My local Goodwill gets all the Target scratch and dents)


I luv the color on this one, $10, also wood.  I don’t luv the handles, remind me of a smiley face, weird?  This is in our extra junky room, I have a drawer for gift wrap, sewing stuff, my daughters coloring books, school supplies, etc.  Just one big place to house several junk drawers.  (You like how I cleaned up for the photo-op, NOT, I keeps it reals.)

P8030390 This lamp, can I tell you how much I luv it, maybe $4.97.  I did get the lamp shade separate, for about $2-3 bucks more, I can’t remember.  This lamp really added some luv to our family room.  Who would’ve thunk it.  But if you look in your home catalogs, peep how there is always a lamp in the room, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, lamps, lamps, lamps!  They make the room more comfy?  I don’t know why but trust me, it works, try it!


Yup, more lamps. 

First, the tall white one, I got both the base and the shade for $5, but I can’t fall in luv with the shade.  So, it’s sitting around waiting for a home.

The second, I got two of the bases for the bedroom.  The shades I got on clearance at Target for $7.48…I ended up taking them back, haven’t found the perfect shade yet..  But one day, I might even spray paint the base, fun fun fun.

And my biggest score yet, drumroll………………….


remember this pic of the kiddos…well look waaaay in the back, we gots a flat screen TV from Goodwill!  Seriously, no BULL!!  It’s a 42” inch Sony Bravia, previously a Target floor model, guess how much?

wait for it………….

$249.99!  It’s either a 40” or a 42” inch, not exactly sure, but I was sold on the price, Sony will run you some good money. 

So, there you have it and that is only about 1/2 the stuff I grabbed.  I overdid it in some areas too, so take a list and buy only what you need.  I will probably have to donate all the stuff I’m not using right back to them.  I’ve also Craiglisted some of the  extra furniture I over purchased, most of it sold and turned a profit, I only have one extra piece that didn’t.  The trick is to price it to sell, get your money back and get it out of your house.

Oh well, that’s me and my Goodwill. 

Clean house 2010 still in full effect….90+ days to go.

Thanks for dropping by!

It’s here!

P9130524 P9130508

Deja’s Hair Milk arrived this past Friday, September 10th.

I haven’t used it yet, so no review, just wanted to show you the consistency as I couldn’t find a photograph when I was looking.

I chose the creamy coconut scent and it’s true to it’s name, smells like vanilla coconut.  It arrived within 7 days, which is excellent service by me!!!

I also wanted to show you the SNBE hair milk, much thicker, but it smells very nice too, like cherry vanilla.


I’d luv to hear if you have either of these products and recommendations on how to use them.

I am working on a Fall regimen..trying my best to work with what I have though.  No more spending, I hope.

Be well.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moptop Maven Miracle!

You’re all familiar with Moptop Maven, yes?

If not, go check her out - HERE and come right back, I’ll wait.

Well, a week or so ago she did a quick video giving BeeMine Curly Butter a 2nd chance, and she did some product layering.

And I said to myself……SELF, you should give that a go.

On clean, dry hair. I layered leave-in conditioner, followed by Argan Oil and then did my twist with Moe’s Magic.

And let me tell you, the gates opened and I heard music! My hair was the softest EVER!  Words can’t even explain, like BUTTAH, not only moisturized, soft, smooooooth, lovely.  It worked on Kya’s hair too and her curl pattern is completely different than mine.  My hair was moisturized for days and it has honestly never felt better.  I’m talking, just in time for the moisturizing Fall routine I was seeking!!!!!

Isn’t it amazing how things happen just in time :)

P.S. When I grabbed her links for up top, I noticed she’s hosting a giveaway NOW which closes on the 13th – for BeeMine Curly butter.  Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win!  Wish me luck too, I just entered & I’m feeling lucky!!!!

When life gives you lemons…

Make lemonade!

And when life gives you so-so product, ROCK IT OUT! don’t throw it out.

I read in the blogosphere that the PH level on the afroveda brand Carrot Seed Shampoo bar was wonkyy.  And being in a recession, I thought, OH HELLS NAW!! 

Ok, I really just thought, “Shoot, I don’t want to throw this out, hmmpt”

So, I put it in a takeout food container and covered it in water like I do black soap to see if it would liquefy.  I left it in there for a good week or two.  Upon inspection when I returned it was nice and pliable, so I smooshed it down to knock out the big chunks and then I ran it through the mini chopper.


Once done, I followed the recipe I talked about here.

P9050496 I used the blended carrot seed shampoo instead of the castile soap, added to the conditioner and Voila! Shampoo…again?

P9050498I shook it up and around to get the shampoo spread throughout. 

I used this on Sunday, here’s my review:

- It doesn’t generate much lather at all

- Requires you to use a lot of product to wash your hair {good thing it’s cheap}

I still have plenty of the blended shampoo left to last me a bit though :) 

Internet is BACK!

I have a few posts to share.  The first is what happened tonight..

I made lotion – rich and creamy LOTION!

whole jar

You just don’t know, last week I was SCOURING the web look for an ez hair milk recipe, that contained water and didn’t require me to buy some emulsifying *ish I wouldn’t need for anything else.  I found nothing on any of the hair boards.

I ended up biting the bullet and buying Deja’s Hair Milk from BeeMine, it should be here soon.

Anyhoo, yesterday our internet was restored, yay!!  I was catching up on my reader and I stumbled upon THIS link (from, I had all the ingredients and a little free time tonight, so why not? Tonight was the night.

ingredients 3 ingredients

2 TBSP beeswax

1 cup of water

3/4 cup of pure oil

and you can add essential oils if you like (i have here grapefruit essential oil and don’t tell anyone but also just a scented one…strawberry) this scented mix is just ok…i’d like something a lil more fall and subtle for next time.   

I am the type that doesn’t read manuals and I just try to figure stuff out - and as a result of me constantly skipping out this important information, I normally have to do directions and recipes twice to get it right.  But NOT this time – go Tiff!

The directions on the site were PERFECT.  The longest part was waiting for the beeswax to melt.  And after that maybe 2 minutes to blend up this creaminess.


Perfect consistency for spreading on your skin.  I always had a problem with DIY mixes that did not contain water, they were just too oily or didn’t spread well.  So far this feels perfect.

secret weapon

This style blender was good, cause you need a blender that holds 2 cups, as well as allows you to pour while it’s blending.  It was a bit messy to clean, but worth it!

For now this is a hit, it’s got me thinking…can I use shea butter instead of the oil and make a hair lotion? or would i use shea butter instead of the beeswax?  I will check the ingredients on the hair milk when it arrives and letcha know. 

No more $12 Eucerin! $8 Aveeno! So long and good riddance.

If you’d like the original recipe and instructions, go here. Good Luck!

Monday, September 6, 2010

No internet…


Our modem is down, and I’m jacking off someone else’s signal so I gotta type fast.  Verizon is due out tomorrow to check the lines, cross your fingers for me!