Monday, August 2, 2010

Now where were we…

aaah, the natural hair phenomenon on Youtube:

The styles - The positivity - The support

Convinced me - Assured me - Inspired me - To Join!

I’d always thought natural Black hair was confrontational, aggressive, fight the power radical. But these women were radiant, fashionable, cute!

I was hooked.

So I got myself a FREE youtube account.

Then I learned how to see more of my favorites channels (click the yellow button to subscribe)

And formulated a plan, chemical free was for me! But how?

Somewhere in July 2008 I got braids and began my OUR transition:


In September 2008 I adjusted to my very first weave. At a whopping $300! $180 of which went on just the hair and 100% of that went on a credit card, I’d lost my mind!


But I will admit, I luvd this hair. Wake, shake and go. Weaves were a lot lighter in weight than I had imagined.

Right about now Kya’s hair had growth on top but was still fuzzy in the back and on the sides…but I was much more confident about natural hair and I was figuring out which products actually worked for her.


But in the meantime, she wore a lot of hats…



And sometimes glasses too…


This is a classic, she dressed herself…swimsuit, pajamas, t-shirt, boots? You Go Girl!


And here I am after my first weave, blow-dry and flat-ironed.


I got one more weave in 2009. The 2nd time was a different stylist, I saved on cheaper hair ($60ish vs. $180ish) but this stylist just put the weave in and didn’t style it to fit me or my taste. I ended up cutting it myself..


My son took this picture for me. It is funny to me, look at that pose. Crack me up, Look out Tyra!  I was liking the extensions a bit too much, eh?

While I was wearing the weave, I broke the news to the Hubbs.

Me: After I take out this weave. I’m cutting my hair.

Him: Ok.

Me: No, you don’t understand, I’m cutting out ALL the perm. I’m gonna wear it natural.

Him: Ok.

I went over that with him twice to be sure HE understood. (Who am I kidding? I was talking myself into it.) And now he luvs it, want to know why he luvs it? cause it saves us so much money! He is funny, would it kill him to pay me a compliment? Moving right along….

This one was after I first chopped it and figured out how to make my hair stay shiny and curly. All the styles for the first few weeks were not cute and I was uncomfortable in my own hair. Mostly, I pushed it back in a puff with a headband.


By now Kya’s hair was budding and I was pleased as punch. I get reminded (sometimes frequently) from some family about how short my hair was as a kid. My mom figured out a regimen for me and it worked, I don’t have any bad memories.  Thank Heavens.


I really want to spare Kya any hair teasing scenarios as well as any sessions on the couch. Kids are honest enough, who needs hair in the mix?

Me, I was just wearing it curly, then in the winter I went to two strand twists (which was my introductory search topic on youtube btw…)


And somewhere along the line I was inspired to share my trials and tribulations here, on this free and fabulous blog.

Well, what do we have here?


This is Kya in the Spring 2010…can you say, we’ve come a long way baby?! In this photo, I see the sweet lil’ girl that she is inside, she really isn’t too sassy, for reals.

So, 2 years, 37 products, 88 hairstyles and $564 dollars later. We’ve reached lift off. Looking how you feel.

Again, before…

2010 044

2010 002

After -


And as for me..


I’m luvn this big ol’ fro and I don’t see anything militant about it, at all.  Afterall, it’s just hair.

But let me ask you…why on earth does wisdom take so gosh darn long?

Thanks for checking in with me Peeps!

P.S. Up next my Thrift Store finds, I’m a regular at my local Goodwill, they know me there and I’ve got my $4 discount card to prove it!


  1. :) Nice to have found you! not sure who thru now lol.
    I'm niki :) I'm a white girl but still cannot do my own hair! lol, hence why you NEVER ever seen me in pics on my blog. I wear my hair in a pony tail most days, blech! don't feel bad. I'm very cosmotologically (is that a word?) challenged LOL.
    hugs girlfriend!

  2. I looove this segment! this was very inspiring...your daughter is the cutest. And that fro.....FIERCE!!!!...I love big hair!

    I am also a youtube fan, I have a few regulars that I visit often. Thanks for sharing this. Take care.

  3. Thank you for posting the ending! Yay! I love it. I think your hair is gorgeous and so is Kya.

  4. This is great Tiffany! You look great no matter what your smile out shines it all. Men don't care, they are truly works of art! You baby is so cuteee and her braids look very nice and healthy.