Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NO! Say it ain’t so….

Today was a co-workers birthday and she received Fall flowers, wth!  I am not done with Summer!!

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

impromptu bbq

The MIL made a lil cashola at the casino and wanted to take her grands to the amusement park…after 5pm discount it’s only $20, too bad the water park was closed.  We had an impromptu bbq instead.

That lead to weeks/weekends of sleepovers…


Confused? I was…then I grabbed my camera.  Did you have fun Summers with cousins? I did, great memories.

Before the boys left home to visit fam, Dad took out the clippers.

tlcNothing special just an all around buzz, shaped up…you think they realize the luv he puts into this? chlorine blondeThis is my 11 year old, do you see the blonde? Weird right.  I think it’s from chlorine in the neighbors pool?  Thank heavens this only happens in the Summer, or else me and the hubbs might be on Springer……Who is that baby's daddy?!

Last night, I caught up with Spring and did Summer cleaning? go with it…. I went through the clothes in the basement and came up with this -

goodwill drop 

7, 8 (there was one already in the car!) so yea, 8 bags of clothing, belts, blankets, handbags, coats – UP OFF OF ME!  My youngest boy is now a size 12-14, why o why did I still have his size 8 pants? still holding on to Kya’s onesies, she’s 4 in December!  Goodbye stuff!  I hauled it off today, no tax form necessary sir, just take it ALL and find it a good home.

And with all the Goodwill goodness I’ve been scoring (+) one can of spray paint – PADOW!


This is now the hall when you walk in my home.  Luvn the pop of color.  I read here, to put stuff on my walls quick! That wall now greets all who enter my home.  Welcome.  And for less than 20 minutes with things I had in boxes collecting dust.  I hope your getting inspired!!  Clean House 2010, there’s still time :)

As for hair, all the blogs are doing product reviews?!?!  And all I want to do is buy buy buy!!!!!  I need to hit some forums to see whats the dealio before I break out the checkbook.  I am feeling a new routine for Fall though…hows about you, what u up to? 

Welcoming Fall or still holding on to Summer?  Please say more Summer. Pleeeeeease? With a cherry on top?

Peace and Luv Yall, I’m glad you stopped by.


  1. LOL!!!..I love reading from you ..you are so funny!

    Really enjoyed the pictures, and the hall looks fabulous..this has inspired me....I think I may do something similar. Thanks so much for sharing your family pictures w/ us it was a joy!
    Take care.

  2. Okay, lots to say. LOVE the frames on the wall. I'm doing something like that in my craft room, but I just can't find the right color spray paint. The flower on the hat was made with thick upholstry fabric. I will think about baby gift ideas. Did you see the vinyl bib post from a few months ago? You could whip out some of those. Glad you had a great summer and YES...I'm hoping summer will linger for a while, too. I love leaving my house without having to layer up both of my kids. Ugh! You're sewing? Go you! Nice! How was that for adressing fifty topics in one paragraph?

  3. Yeah I'm feeling a new regimen this fall, maybe cone free or something I'll see. As as the family and summer good times always! Love what you did with the frame and cleaning out is always good.... for more shopping! lol

  4. Love the picture of all the kids on the couch! I'm currently at my inlaws and she is babysitting the other grandkids all week. Mia has loved it, but its feeling rather crowded for me ;-)