Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jilly from Philly

This fabulous artist and I graduated High School together – Philadelphia High School for Girls!  whoohoo!!!

jillyThis past Saturday was our (gulp) 20 year High School Reunion and would you believe she stopped in!  And she kept it real regular, she didn’t get all Diva on us.  No entourage, Just Jilly.  Luv you Gurl.

It was great to see her, she has lost soo much weight.  Believe it or not she was even thinner in HS (which is probably true for many us)I wish I had a yearbook here with me now, to share a few pics.  She did plays and stuff then.

Anyhoo, do you see what I see?  I noticed it right off.  Jill done got a RELAXER!  Soooo not sure how I feel about that.  Her cut was sharp though and she was wearing it well.  There were a few naturals in the building, yep yep!

I brought along my junky camera and never had time to take any photos, but here is one of me. 

tiff at reunion solo

My sister helped me pin back a fresh set of twists, to resemble two cornrows. 

I donn’t know the proper procedure about photos from fb.  I wasn’t sure if I should keep my homie Saran in a picture a friend of ours snapped, so I just cropped her out to be safe and drama free.

The reunion was an uplifting experience, I really enjoyed myself.  I know going to HS with all girls may sound weird, but Girls High is rich on tradition as well as education and I didn’t truly appreciate it fully until now.


  1. Oh what fab pics!!~
    I had my 20 year reunion last year and did NOT go. Gee, maybe it's cuz my weight? um, ya I think so!!!
    You two gals look TONS better than I ever could! hugs~!

  2. This is so cool!!!...And, Jill scott I know that was a pleasure, so glad you enjoyed yourself!!! and looking fabulous.

    Take care.