Monday, July 26, 2010

My hairstory. Part one.

The real #1 reason, I quit relaxing my hair was because of this Lil Momma:

Meet Kya.  My baldy bean baby at her first Birthday Party (1997). 

I didn’t mind her hair, for a minute.

Then there were the comments, “Oh what a cute lil’ boy”…ugh…they meant no harm, but honestly, it was heartbreaking.


Somewhere in the beginning of this journey, I landed on…and after a click or two, that led me to where the hottest thing smoking was Miss Jessies Baby Buttercream.  It gave her hair the “look” of moisture it was lacking.  Babyhairs all smooth, yay! ! !


But that wasn’t enough, it still wasn’t growing.  I wanted my baby to be Rapunzel!!!  I wanted her to look like the vibrant sweet lil punkin she was.

It was only fair, I was running around relaxed and fab.

Me relaxed 

But as her Mom, It just didn’t feel right.  Me fab, baby gurl drab.

So the search continued.  But still no details, just more products – buy me, pick me, get this, guaranteed growth!  Until one day, I searched “two-strand twists” on – sky opens and enter wonderful WORLD of VLOGGERS!!!

to be continued….



    I enjoyed this post ...can't wait for part two!
    Take care.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes! The cake eating is tonight and I didn't even have to make it.

    Are you really going to leave us hanging here? I need part two! She is a little cutie!