Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling blue.

My co-worker is having a hard time these past two weeks at work.  Her boss is a meanie.  I clicked around today and found this:


Image here

This nice lady designs and sells stuff on etsy, but she also has some freebies on her blog.  I picked up the happy notes, I’m gonna leave one on my friends desk tomorrow & one for each of my family members who can read.

You should share a lil luv too.   All you have to do is click and print, it’s FA-REE.

I really want to buy one of her prints, her creativity & positivity made me smile.

Do you buy handmade? I’m addicted.

1 comment:

  1. YOU made my day. You are so sweet and i'm so happy that you found my blog and the freebies on it! I love your positive attitude and LOVE that you put some happy notes on your co-workers desk. Send me your contact info, Tiffany and it will be my pleasure to send you one of my prints for FA-REE. You are so sweet! Have a great day!