Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Didja miss me?

I was on vacation (I wish).

Nah, I’ve been busy with everyday life.

I didn’t keep you guys posted, but I have been taking pictures and scanning in pictures, to get you all caught up.

Here goes -

There was the 5th grade graduation…my son Khari goes to middle school next year.  He is such a fun spirit (look at that cheeeeeeesy grin).  I hope the BS of middle school doesn’t weigh on him.


The 10 year Anniversary – (can’t believe we have only one recent photo together, can guess which one it is?)

Young Luv…


Newlywed Luv..


Getting old pictures online is tough, these are pictures of pictures, or scanned in, so the quality isn’t the bestest.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for 15 years (10 married).  A bit about us:




Type B Type A
Adventurous Homebody
Muslim education Catholic education
Big heart Huge Heart
Forgiving Stubborn

So there you have it, 15 years, 10 cars, 4 homes and 3 kids later…

Married Luv…


And the one thing I would do differently, the very one teeny tiny thing, is marry him sooner! I was dumb young and waited for a ring, when really all you need is luv. (Ok, that’s about as mushy as I get, in public).

What else, hmmm, only my birthday, (my 38th)!!!  Didn’t do much, I won my very first giveaway, I won the ones on the left in that photo, cuteness right!?  Think I’m gonna rock those with a big ol’ twist out and a pair of my favorite Lucky brand jeans (if you gots booty you must try the classic fit, at the semi-annual sale of course, regular prices are bananas)

Lastly, I’m working on my hairstory, that’s gonna be fun!  The throwback pictures, hilarity.

Did I redeem myself?  Sorting through pictures and trying to organize them is a humdinger.  Until next time.



  1. Gurl your smile is amazing. Beautiful family. I'm happy the earrings got to you just in time.

  2. I just love your blog. It is refreshing!!. You inspire me to be not so