Monday, July 26, 2010

My hairstory. Part one.

The real #1 reason, I quit relaxing my hair was because of this Lil Momma:

Meet Kya.  My baldy bean baby at her first Birthday Party (1997). 

I didn’t mind her hair, for a minute.

Then there were the comments, “Oh what a cute lil’ boy”…ugh…they meant no harm, but honestly, it was heartbreaking.


Somewhere in the beginning of this journey, I landed on…and after a click or two, that led me to where the hottest thing smoking was Miss Jessies Baby Buttercream.  It gave her hair the “look” of moisture it was lacking.  Babyhairs all smooth, yay! ! !


But that wasn’t enough, it still wasn’t growing.  I wanted my baby to be Rapunzel!!!  I wanted her to look like the vibrant sweet lil punkin she was.

It was only fair, I was running around relaxed and fab.

Me relaxed 

But as her Mom, It just didn’t feel right.  Me fab, baby gurl drab.

So the search continued.  But still no details, just more products – buy me, pick me, get this, guaranteed growth!  Until one day, I searched “two-strand twists” on – sky opens and enter wonderful WORLD of VLOGGERS!!!

to be continued….

Style Curly Hair in 4 easy steps

This post is about a quick and easy hairstyle for those with Curly Hair. 

I’m participating in Hair Week with Cheri at I am Momma Hear Me Roar!   Cheri is a funny Mom who blogs about crafts, sewing and all kinds of stuff.    Her blog is a great resource for inexpensive decorating tips, cute stuff for kids and gift ideas.

Ok, onto this style:

right side cut off

Step One:

Begin with clean (shampooed and conditioned) WET hair.

Step Two:

Apply a leave-in conditioner throughout. (I prefer creamy based like Giovanni brand at Target)


Step 3.

Apply your favorite styling product.

I use gentle gels that won’t make my hair hard & crunchy. A popular brand is Kinky-Curly but it can be expensive.  A styling mousse would work too.  Eh, just use what you like, I’m currently using Ecostyler brand gel from my local Beauty supply store.

When applying I grab about a tablespoonful and finger comb it thru my hair in sections. This helps ‘clump’ my hairs together.


Step Four

After all the gel is in, I shake my hair around (warning: it does splitter splatter on the mirror) but it helps with volume.

This is what it looks like gel combed throughout (sometimes I use a Denman brush)


(I tried taking a serious pic, it just came out like a mugshot, so you gots to deal with the cheeeese grin).

Now after a quick run to Target, come home and take a picture, (well 18 pics until you get one you kinda sorta like, then chop off 20%.)

  P7240346right side cut off

Thanks for asking me to participate in Hairweek Cheri. 

FYI - It took me about 3 months to find a good rhythm and product mix with my hair but I luv it.

Here is a great place for a Curly to begin for more info on tips, products, different curl textures, etc -

Monday, July 19, 2010

A leave-in you can believe-in?

Over the weekend I checked in on my youtube peeps. I found a video where Kimmay creates a PH balanced Leave In.

First, let me say, I am a skeptic, I do NOT believe everything I see, hear, OR read:


(really, umm, no)


(is that so? yeah, not so much..)

WORK FROM HOME EARN $600 a day!!!

(beat it)

However, after watching her video, I thought:

(1) This will extend my $8 leave-in conditioner (I luv to save money)

(2) It will provide proper PH for my hair (that’s a good thing, right?)


Image here:

Don’t take my word for it (or Kimmay’s) do your own research. Seriously. Here is some info I found on the www:

The Coil Review:
Basic solutions open the cuticle layer of hair, allowing its protein structure to be changed. In this state, hair can lose, retain too much water; or even dissolve. Acidic solutions do the opposite, closing the cuticle layer and allowing moisture to be retained.


For instance, if your shampoo is a 4, your conditioner is a 5 and your gel is a 4, you would add these numbers together (13) and divide by 3 (4.3). In this case, you would need to slightly raise the ph. The natural oil in human hair, Sebum, has a ph of 5 - this should be your goal.”

Beauty Secret:
’.. The scale ranges from 0 (strongly acidic) to 14 (strongly alkaline). After a level of 7 represents neutrality. But to understand what products you should purchases, you have to understand what the right level for you and your specific hair type.

If the products have a high pH value, as you are stripping your hair of natural essential oil. In this case, our hair is too dry, making it vulnerable to breakage and damage to others.’

Or check out these threads on the longhair forum:

I tried the recipe last nite on my daughter and will be trying it on myself (as soon as my lazy behind washes my hair).

We currently use Giovanni Leave-In cause it’s easily accessible for us. My mix with this recipe was runnier than hers but I will let you know how it works out for us.

Here’s the recipe:

kimmays lv in

What is our favorite leave-in?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Video of the week!

How is your confidence?

I liked her REAL approach.  I think it’s a good video for teenagers and some grown ups I know too. 

Hope you can take something away from it.


Sorry for posting this super duper late.  But just in case you live in this area, one outta know.

miss jessies new salon

I googled their salon in the past and unfortunately found mix reviews.

I will say that whenever I ordered products from the NY location, shipments were quick, I’m talking in the mail within 48 hours quick, and I appreciate that.

I truly think these ladies are major players and take the game up a notch (their line is in Target!!!).  Could they reduce their prices, heck yea.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

House into a Home – Project #2 and lazy hair?


I frequent hair, craft and home blogs. Correction: I stalk hair, craft and home blogs.

I saw here (and here) some people are using drop cloths for curtains – Yes!, the Home Depot, protect your valuables from paint kind.


The are linen-like, neutral colored and they are only $10! (They had me at $10.) And God is my witness, one pack I bought was a BOGO (buy one get one free). So, $30 bucks for 4 windows. Score!

I cut, ironed and hung them. But eh, I never really luvd them and it’s been 3 months.

So, I’m in Joann fabrics, armed with my coupon and the blazing 4th of July sale going on.  I looked and looked at stuff like this to jazz ‘em up, you know.


Maybe add it to the top? down the sides? at the bottom? Alas, I came home with nothing.

Then, last week, I saw this & this (images below).


Inspiration struck.

Go Bigger!

Go Bolder!

Think Simpler!

So when I hit the mall, I went to Michael’s for a return, I noticed it was 50% off on ribbon, say what!  So I bought 2 rolls of this.



My drop cloths curtains before and after.


And all it took was $4 and a glue gun.

They are a lil short, one day I’ll fix that but for now, me likey. Are you getting inspired?  I hope so.

And hey, don’t fret about bigg money – who knows if it shall ever come? Use this quote if you get lazy or have 1.8 gazillion excuses (like me):

Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. - Theodore Roosevelt

And then, I’m on to the next.

P.S. Here’s day#3 hair, I think it looks even better in’s perfect for this humidity and rain we’ve been having here in PA.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Feeling blue.

My co-worker is having a hard time these past two weeks at work.  Her boss is a meanie.  I clicked around today and found this:


Image here

This nice lady designs and sells stuff on etsy, but she also has some freebies on her blog.  I picked up the happy notes, I’m gonna leave one on my friends desk tomorrow & one for each of my family members who can read.

You should share a lil luv too.   All you have to do is click and print, it’s FA-REE.

I really want to buy one of her prints, her creativity & positivity made me smile.

Do you buy handmade? I’m addicted.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Video of the week.

Great news for Kimmay tube’s channel.  Rush over and hear the news.

Kimmay’s channel is little bit hair, fashion and finances.  She does a video to her 19 year old self, another where she breaks down hair follicles with diagrams and such for the every day woman.

Extremely excited for her and the exposure for curlies (:

As my younger sister would say, “Get it Shawty!”

Two posts in one night, I’m crankin’ for a 38 year old (just sayin)

Night Luvlies.

Didja miss me?

I was on vacation (I wish).

Nah, I’ve been busy with everyday life.

I didn’t keep you guys posted, but I have been taking pictures and scanning in pictures, to get you all caught up.

Here goes -

There was the 5th grade graduation…my son Khari goes to middle school next year.  He is such a fun spirit (look at that cheeeeeeesy grin).  I hope the BS of middle school doesn’t weigh on him.


The 10 year Anniversary – (can’t believe we have only one recent photo together, can guess which one it is?)

Young Luv…


Newlywed Luv..


Getting old pictures online is tough, these are pictures of pictures, or scanned in, so the quality isn’t the bestest.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for 15 years (10 married).  A bit about us:




Type B Type A
Adventurous Homebody
Muslim education Catholic education
Big heart Huge Heart
Forgiving Stubborn

So there you have it, 15 years, 10 cars, 4 homes and 3 kids later…

Married Luv…


And the one thing I would do differently, the very one teeny tiny thing, is marry him sooner! I was dumb young and waited for a ring, when really all you need is luv. (Ok, that’s about as mushy as I get, in public).

What else, hmmm, only my birthday, (my 38th)!!!  Didn’t do much, I won my very first giveaway, I won the ones on the left in that photo, cuteness right!?  Think I’m gonna rock those with a big ol’ twist out and a pair of my favorite Lucky brand jeans (if you gots booty you must try the classic fit, at the semi-annual sale of course, regular prices are bananas)

Lastly, I’m working on my hairstory, that’s gonna be fun!  The throwback pictures, hilarity.

Did I redeem myself?  Sorting through pictures and trying to organize them is a humdinger.  Until next time.