Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Word on the street…

Is Eco styler with olive oil!


A big ol’ tub is only $4 at the local beauty store.  So long Kinky Curly.


That’s the infamous mirror shot, I know, so lame.  One day there will be a tripod for me..one day.

Anyhoo. Here’s a lil’ work I’ve been putting in at the crib.


Nothing fancy. It’s a dresser in our hallway.

I have plans to one day paint it and distress it like these girls talk about.  Maybe change the knobs too.

This was on it before, books and clutter.


Originally, I put the junk in a laundry basket.

But my son needed the basket.

So the clutter went on the floor.

Anyhoo. It brought me some peace for a bit.


That quote is on a greeting card I bought and never gave away. I put it in a frame, I wasn’t using. And now it looking all fancy like (to me).

It made a small difference in the hallway, that little thing.  Those books are going in the basement to be sorted for Goodwill. 

I’m gonna go clean them now, 48 hours later, can’t have yall judgin me.

Oh, here’s the real life part:


Who writes on furniture?

Damn kids.


  1. Girl you are too funny. That dresser is really nice I need something like it. I have way too many clothes in containers. I been hearing a lot about Ecostyler. I may have to pick some up before summer is over. I just bought aloe vera gelly so I want to see how that works.

    Truthfully that's the best mirror shot i have seen in a while. You hair looks great. take care!

  2. I just love your hair ! As well as the greeting card, well said...I love that!

    keep the pictures coming, of your hair as well as all of your home creations...very inspiring.
    Take care.