Sunday, June 13, 2010

“How did you…

get your hair like that?”

Are they not the sweetest words you wanna hear?  Even better than, “Your hair looks nice,”  as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Yesternite, I went to a fundraiser bowling party,  I was rocking my 6 day old Eco-Wash-n-Go pushed back with a headband when a High School friend asked “How do I get my hair like that?” 

I was pleased as punch!  I prolly blushed.  Is that even possible on brown skin? Anyhoo, I unloaded the wash-n-go 411, then she asked about twistouts too. WHAT!? You want more!  I was excited to share my natural tips, I even followed up with an email today.

So go on, RocK those CurLS GuRLs! 

The world is watching and cheering for your success.

P.S.  Maybe I should get some calling cards for the ol’ blog, huh.



  1. Yesternite, that always cracks me up. You are too much... My hair always tends to look best after so many days which is why I can't get into co washing just yet. I love giving tips usually to sum it up I just refer them to hair boards. Take care!

  2. Rock those curls girl. You are too hilarious "yesternight'!!