Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's the 411?

Still using 411 on your cell phone? 

I’d like to save you a few coins. Instead, ask Google via a text.
Store it in your phone: Google #46645

Things you can text to Google:
Pizza, 19121 (that's a zip code for Philly) Or say you’re out of town and don’t have the zip code:
Bonefish Grill, Miami
Or perhaps you want to catch a movie after dinner:
Movies, San Francisco, CA
Or maybe you’re in a heated Scrabble game with no dictionary, ask for a definition:
Define Love

Yes Ma'am, Google is da ish! And there is no cost, unless you don’t have unlimited text messaging (which would be insane). Even though I am one to talk, I don’t do the whole Twitter thing, but one day I will Google it and get the 411 (Ha!)

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