Saturday, May 22, 2010


A while back, Youtuber Rustic Beauty did a video about how “Being natural is powerful”

Dear Rustic,

I so agree. Thank you for the vid.

Here is just one way being natural has saved me some coins:

I used to buy  minty products from for the Hubbs bday. He got a sample once at a W Hotel (prolly on a rendevous with some chick, I kid, I kid). Anyhoo, supposedly the smell helped wake him up in the AM but at $18 buxx a bar (plus s&h) that was a once a year treat.


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We even tried the local Bath and Body shop, C.O. Bigelow line:


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I don’t remember if it was this bar or a liquid just the brand. But no luck, he didn’t love it.

So when I heard RusticBeauty talking about castile soap for shampoo, I figured “eh, maybe”. On my next trip to Tarjay, I sought it out, and low and behold they had a peppermint scent (with no s&h, insert big ol’ cheese grin). Not only is it peppermint scented, it must contain peppermint oil because it tingles when used.

And yes, “He Likes it, He Like It”…If you don’t get that joke, I am really dating myself. (circa 1980 Life Cereal commercial)

At our home, we dilute it in a spray bottle with some good ol’ tap water and the big bottle (about $15) last us for MONTHS! That $18 soap bar would last maybe a few weeks.

There are so many uses for castile soap. I plan to eliminate quite a few other products with its use.

So yea, being natural is powerful & practical & sensible & reasonable… Thanks again RusticBeauty!

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  1. I also like their castile bar soaps. Makes the skin so smooth. I like castile soap for my shampoos as well. Just water and castile soap and my hair is very clean. Great post.