Saturday, May 15, 2010


I haven’t been doing much with the hair, but I’ve been making stuff.

The Hubbs fam celebrated a 70th Birthday for a great cousin. And me being the tight-wad I am, didn’t want to spend a dime on a new outfit so I figured I’d spruce up something in the closet with one of these babies
 (plus I wanted the dish on the DIY so I could make some for my hair)

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That FLOWER is gorgeous! But the price tag is a whopping $78! Umm, no thank you very much.

Thank heavens for the internet. Cause I found this one at One Pretty Thing (they find the best stuff!!)

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This Momma can sew and she gives a pretty good tutorial on her blog for making these flowers, on the cheap.

I searched all the local craft stores for the No Fray Spray to make the fabric stiff, with no luck - so I had to use good ol Martha Stewart’s tutorial, and only a teenie bit of hand sewing was involved, yay!

It took me a good 45-mins to an hour to finish it (with Mom, Mom, MOMMIE! interruptions).

Even with my errors and interruptions, it still came out pretty cute for all of 33cents in cast off fabric I got at Joann fabrics.

But guess what, my best accessory was my HAIR!  I was wearing a 5 day old twist out, using only Afroveda's PUR Whipped Hair Jelly and it was cute (no dang pic - sorry)

P.S. If this poppy isn’t your cup of tea, here’s a list of 50 flower tutorials to pretty up your outfit, hair, t-shirt, jacket, belt, headband, handbag, u name it - I think I want to try a combo of 2 or 3 on a belt/sash next.

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