Friday, May 28, 2010

If you look good…

You feel good.

And when you feel good, you play good.

And when you play good, they PAY GOOD!

Unfortunately, that’s NOT a Tiffany original, it comes from Deion Sanders.

But his quote is one of my absolute favorites (I luv a good quote).  I say this because we all worry about how we look and should ALWAYS go with what makes us feel good. 

My mom’s fam has labeled me Plain Jane (and it is so true).  I stick to stuff that works on my body type BUT I constantly sometimes forget to look for NEW styles that fit my body type.

Last week I went to lunch with my friend who had on THEE cutest sandals, I would have NEVER even tried them on had I not seen her rocking them.  Didn’t I walk in Target and find something similar. (btw…please help me get the hell outta Target and the GAP/Banana Republic for 98% of my clothing!) 

sandals-grayThese sandals are just too cute with jeans.  Please understand that y’all might see these in your cities and such, but I live in Podunk, PA and that combined with getting old is killing my stee-lo.  I let “they have to be leather” bind me into too too casual flip flops and work”like” sandals.

Flippee - Recycled PET

(yep, these are all I have on hand).  They’re from, and that’s exactly what they are. Simple.

I am so not prepared for date night, Girls Night Out, notta!

AND GET THIS, I logged into my youtube subscriptions to watch Fashion Friday with Julie78 (I think that’s her handle) but she too was talking about cute sandals.  She recommends & – there styles reminds me of Forever21 & Delia’s.


I rarely buy clothing from trendy shops for a few reasons:

#1 It’s cut for skinnies.

#2 It shrinks like a mofo.

#3 It can be pricey.

#4 I play it too darn safe.

I just want to encourage y’all to try something NEW this weekend, a bold print, BIG ol’ earrings (I do rock these), funky sandals, or maybe a flirty skirt.

Tonight I am RUNNING to Target for some funky sandals, yep, thats an ‘s’, I want 2 pair – they are under $25 bucks, can’t knock that!

Other things on my list, Maxi-dress (yep 2 years late), swimsuit & coverup, big bold belt, chunky necklace, pedicure (to go with the sandals), lipgloss.  If you have suggestions on where I can find these things for a Mother of 3, approaching 40 and on a budget, DO TELL.

Enjoy your weekend Gurlies – have fun with it!

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