Friday, May 28, 2010

DIY Hair Milk-sturizers

I stumbled upon this recipe on Craft Gossip it’s for an Ayurvedic Hair Cream.


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All the ingredients are on-hand items for a DIY Curly Gurly.  The consistency appears to be similar to a few milk products I’ve seen & heard about a lot lately.

I’m thinkin You could use this as a leave-in? or milk-sturizer? (I think I’m clever & original, but I prolly saw that term somewhere before, ha!)

Anyhoo.  I didn’t recognize the name of the one oil (Mahabhringraj) in the recipe, but I’m thinking you could just use what you have and know works for your hair (or try it).

This recipe has definitely peeked my interest again on the benefits of Amla oil, it’s priced between $5-$11. Amla Hair Oil - 8 fl. oz.,(Bazaar of India)For more facts hit up, 

And this site has MADD recipes and they sell a lot of the ingredients, too. Whoot! whoot! (I always raise my arm or finger when I write that and spin it in a circular motion, LOL at silly me)

For now, I am stocked up on moisturizing products.  So, if you end up trying it before me, let me know how it comes out and if it works. 

I promise to do a step-by-step tutorial when I mix mine up.


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