Friday, May 28, 2010

DIY Hair Milk-sturizers

I stumbled upon this recipe on Craft Gossip it’s for an Ayurvedic Hair Cream.


image from

All the ingredients are on-hand items for a DIY Curly Gurly.  The consistency appears to be similar to a few milk products I’ve seen & heard about a lot lately.

I’m thinkin You could use this as a leave-in? or milk-sturizer? (I think I’m clever & original, but I prolly saw that term somewhere before, ha!)

Anyhoo.  I didn’t recognize the name of the one oil (Mahabhringraj) in the recipe, but I’m thinking you could just use what you have and know works for your hair (or try it).

This recipe has definitely peeked my interest again on the benefits of Amla oil, it’s priced between $5-$11. Amla Hair Oil - 8 fl. oz.,(Bazaar of India)For more facts hit up, 

And this site has MADD recipes and they sell a lot of the ingredients, too. Whoot! whoot! (I always raise my arm or finger when I write that and spin it in a circular motion, LOL at silly me)

For now, I am stocked up on moisturizing products.  So, if you end up trying it before me, let me know how it comes out and if it works. 

I promise to do a step-by-step tutorial when I mix mine up.


If you look good…

You feel good.

And when you feel good, you play good.

And when you play good, they PAY GOOD!

Unfortunately, that’s NOT a Tiffany original, it comes from Deion Sanders.

But his quote is one of my absolute favorites (I luv a good quote).  I say this because we all worry about how we look and should ALWAYS go with what makes us feel good. 

My mom’s fam has labeled me Plain Jane (and it is so true).  I stick to stuff that works on my body type BUT I constantly sometimes forget to look for NEW styles that fit my body type.

Last week I went to lunch with my friend who had on THEE cutest sandals, I would have NEVER even tried them on had I not seen her rocking them.  Didn’t I walk in Target and find something similar. (btw…please help me get the hell outta Target and the GAP/Banana Republic for 98% of my clothing!) 

sandals-grayThese sandals are just too cute with jeans.  Please understand that y’all might see these in your cities and such, but I live in Podunk, PA and that combined with getting old is killing my stee-lo.  I let “they have to be leather” bind me into too too casual flip flops and work”like” sandals.

Flippee - Recycled PET

(yep, these are all I have on hand).  They’re from, and that’s exactly what they are. Simple.

I am so not prepared for date night, Girls Night Out, notta!

AND GET THIS, I logged into my youtube subscriptions to watch Fashion Friday with Julie78 (I think that’s her handle) but she too was talking about cute sandals.  She recommends & – there styles reminds me of Forever21 & Delia’s.


I rarely buy clothing from trendy shops for a few reasons:

#1 It’s cut for skinnies.

#2 It shrinks like a mofo.

#3 It can be pricey.

#4 I play it too darn safe.

I just want to encourage y’all to try something NEW this weekend, a bold print, BIG ol’ earrings (I do rock these), funky sandals, or maybe a flirty skirt.

Tonight I am RUNNING to Target for some funky sandals, yep, thats an ‘s’, I want 2 pair – they are under $25 bucks, can’t knock that!

Other things on my list, Maxi-dress (yep 2 years late), swimsuit & coverup, big bold belt, chunky necklace, pedicure (to go with the sandals), lipgloss.  If you have suggestions on where I can find these things for a Mother of 3, approaching 40 and on a budget, DO TELL.

Enjoy your weekend Gurlies – have fun with it!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


A while back, Youtuber Rustic Beauty did a video about how “Being natural is powerful”

Dear Rustic,

I so agree. Thank you for the vid.

Here is just one way being natural has saved me some coins:

I used to buy  minty products from for the Hubbs bday. He got a sample once at a W Hotel (prolly on a rendevous with some chick, I kid, I kid). Anyhoo, supposedly the smell helped wake him up in the AM but at $18 buxx a bar (plus s&h) that was a once a year treat.


image from

We even tried the local Bath and Body shop, C.O. Bigelow line:


image from

I don’t remember if it was this bar or a liquid just the brand. But no luck, he didn’t love it.

So when I heard RusticBeauty talking about castile soap for shampoo, I figured “eh, maybe”. On my next trip to Tarjay, I sought it out, and low and behold they had a peppermint scent (with no s&h, insert big ol’ cheese grin). Not only is it peppermint scented, it must contain peppermint oil because it tingles when used.

And yes, “He Likes it, He Like It”…If you don’t get that joke, I am really dating myself. (circa 1980 Life Cereal commercial)

At our home, we dilute it in a spray bottle with some good ol’ tap water and the big bottle (about $15) last us for MONTHS! That $18 soap bar would last maybe a few weeks.

There are so many uses for castile soap. I plan to eliminate quite a few other products with its use.

So yea, being natural is powerful & practical & sensible & reasonable… Thanks again RusticBeauty!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goings on..

Fortunately, there has been none of this:

but there has been, lots of this:
My daughter's hair is the BIGGEST reason I went natural.  So HUGE shout outs to these kind Ladies for sharing and providing the inspiration I needed:
She is a Product Junkie, but only the good stuff
She also has a shop with mixed product lines, save on some s&h, hello!

Shares her wisdom but keeps it basic and has GORGEOUS 
tresses to prove you don't have to break the bank.

Stylin GaLoRE! 
Although this year she is going simple.

Two Strand Twist GURU, big, small, up, down, u name it, she's tried it

And these lovely Curlies for kicks and giggles, because I like the way they share: this girl is wicked with her makeup brushes

{ Mad Luv }

Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's the 411?

Still using 411 on your cell phone? 

I’d like to save you a few coins. Instead, ask Google via a text.
Store it in your phone: Google #46645

Things you can text to Google:
Pizza, 19121 (that's a zip code for Philly) Or say you’re out of town and don’t have the zip code:
Bonefish Grill, Miami
Or perhaps you want to catch a movie after dinner:
Movies, San Francisco, CA
Or maybe you’re in a heated Scrabble game with no dictionary, ask for a definition:
Define Love

Yes Ma'am, Google is da ish! And there is no cost, unless you don’t have unlimited text messaging (which would be insane). Even though I am one to talk, I don’t do the whole Twitter thing, but one day I will Google it and get the 411 (Ha!)

Thanks for stopping by!


I haven’t been doing much with the hair, but I’ve been making stuff.

The Hubbs fam celebrated a 70th Birthday for a great cousin. And me being the tight-wad I am, didn’t want to spend a dime on a new outfit so I figured I’d spruce up something in the closet with one of these babies
 (plus I wanted the dish on the DIY so I could make some for my hair)

photo courtesy of

That FLOWER is gorgeous! But the price tag is a whopping $78! Umm, no thank you very much.

Thank heavens for the internet. Cause I found this one at One Pretty Thing (they find the best stuff!!)

image from

This Momma can sew and she gives a pretty good tutorial on her blog for making these flowers, on the cheap.

I searched all the local craft stores for the No Fray Spray to make the fabric stiff, with no luck - so I had to use good ol Martha Stewart’s tutorial, and only a teenie bit of hand sewing was involved, yay!

It took me a good 45-mins to an hour to finish it (with Mom, Mom, MOMMIE! interruptions).

Even with my errors and interruptions, it still came out pretty cute for all of 33cents in cast off fabric I got at Joann fabrics.

But guess what, my best accessory was my HAIR!  I was wearing a 5 day old twist out, using only Afroveda's PUR Whipped Hair Jelly and it was cute (no dang pic - sorry)

P.S. If this poppy isn’t your cup of tea, here’s a list of 50 flower tutorials to pretty up your outfit, hair, t-shirt, jacket, belt, headband, handbag, u name it - I think I want to try a combo of 2 or 3 on a belt/sash next.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh me, Oh my!

A week has gone by and notta.  Bad bad blogger Tiffany.

Last week was a worldwind typhoon.  For serious.

My kid got a note home from school (missed assignments, lazy Bugger!)

My daughter's preschool had a fire Wednesday nite (no one was harmed), so I've been scrambling for childcare.

My work blocked Blogger, yes! Haters.  I only posted on breaks (fingers crossed behind back)

My hair was nothing short of a hot mess.  Trying to use up old product and create a wash n go (send tips, please)

But there was some good news!  I do believe in being positive...

My company made budget for 2009 so the employees will receive some profit sharing, YAY!!

With recent funding approved I have NuMeRouS marvelous ideas to share with photos! Yup Yup!

Stay Tuned, I'll have some good stuff here for your viewing pleasure just in time for weekend coffee.