Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A woman's home...

is like a dress she wears.  My neighbor shared that once to describe how a woman (vs. a man) feels about her home.  I so agree, but unfortunately I do not wear my home like a dress.

I am always taking pics in my bathroom, by that same door, lame, lame, lame because I'm always unsure about what will be in the background of my house that is a hot mess.  Don't worry, it's not unfit for habitation or anything, but we have some clutter concerns (eek!), bare walls (boring) and a few things that need a place so they can stop hanging about everywheres.

Oddly enough, I take alot of pride in what my family looks like when they walk out the door.  But now, in 2010, armed with some internet home bloggers, I feel like I can do the same behind the door. 

I am on a journey to turn my home into a cute, comfortable, casual Saturday dress.  Not a gown, not a pair of jeans, not business casual, not sexy or sleek - cute, comfortable and casual. 

So, coming soon, there will be some posts about prettying up your place on the cheap.  I luv coming home to a clean house, and it's about time it occurred more often.  I've had to cut back on fb, youtube and TV but in the end I think it will be worth it.

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  1. Cant wait to see. You just need time and inspiration.