Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We almost missed the school bus!

'cause I was upstairs trying to get photos of this:

What is it you might ask? 

Well, my homegrown spritz that I talked about waay back here turned CoCoNuTTy HaiR MILK! 

In my last batch I'd used some coconut oil and a lil' too much fragrance.  So when it was half gone, I added some water, aloe juice and oil to muff the mangoey smell.  But there was still some space left, so I added more coconut oil and more coconut oil (not melted) in its original state, which looks like this:

And today, I was trying to soften the crunchies (remember from yesterday) so I was spritzin my 'fro and noticed the spray was not coming out generously and the little nozzle had white drippies.  So I opened it and saw this thick substance in there.  

I poured some out and almost jumped for joy.  I rubbed some through my hair...on my edges & put a lil' on my face (not too greasy at all). I am pleased as punch 'cause this will be perfect when I want to moisten dry hair for twists, braids, basicly any styling and I can put a butter or gel over it. LUUUV!

I threw a flower in today for it is Spring!

If you want to buy some, I bought Journey Hair Milk from SNBE and I remembered seeing it at these places too: BeeMine, Carols Daughter, Afroveda; I'm pretty sure all these vendors have butters inside theirs.  But for now I have my own mix, it's S&H Free and baby, that's alright with me.

When I try to duplicate this, I will jot down measurements to share, in case anyone is interested and needs specifics.

Deuces Ladies!


  1. My SIL loves this thick natural coconut mixture for her curly hair. I'm sure she'd love a homemade version!

  2. I have to look into this. I love coconut and may do something with it this weekend.