Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Mr. Sunshine :)

I luv Summer! It’s my favorite season.   The sandals:


The bbq’s:

The sunshine..


Well here's to Summer, my former TOP SECRET knock-out recipe for TrOpiCal TeA.  My husband uses it here for catering orders (there’s a cartoon pic of me there before I went natural, Ha!)

This Recipe makes a Gallon:
  • Frozen juice concentrate.  I prefer Welch's Passion Fruit (from Walmart).   I recommend using something clear, I tried pina good).  My friend likes pineapple juice if  Passion Fruit isn't available in your town.
  • Enuff Iced Tea Mix for 3 quarts.  I use whatever brand is least expensive when I'm shopping
  • Lil less than a gallon of water
  • Gallon pitcher
Share it this Summer with your family and friends. If you have guests over, throw some fresh lemon slices on top and make it all purdy.



And for those of you who enjoy a good cocktail, you can add your favorite spirits, yum yum!

It’s gonna get up to the 80s here in PA today. I’m giddy to get out and enjoy the warm weather. 
Enjoy the weekend and the iced-tea!  (maybe lemonade too, hmmm I might just try that).



  1. I was checking those sandals out in february. I think I may buy them finally. Summer is great!

  2. Ooooh! Love those sandals. Also love the BBQ because then my husband does all the work! And you're right - my sister and mom are awesome. I'm pretty lucky.