Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodwill Addiction

So, I go to my local Goodwill every Wednesday. 

But Saturday, I ordered some Chinese food and figured I'd wait it out at the Goodwill.  Well low and behold, they had a 52" flat screen (from Target, it still had the red stickers on it, it was originally priced at $1499;  marked down to $1199.)

Goodwill was selling it for $829.  It still had the film on the TV, everything was in the box.  It had never been used.

I got sooo excited, we don't have a flat screen (yet), but we deserve one!!!

So I phoned a few friends who I knew were in the market for new TVs, I knew they'd know the specs:
  • 1080p - check!
  • 60+Hz - check!
  • $829 - hmmm?
  • credit card - check!
I paced the floor, yes, no, maybe, figured I should sleep on it. 
Well, I chickened out.  My 1997 36' Panasonic still works and we are working on reducing our credit card debt so I left it. 
The next day, I sent the Hubbs back for this:

Guess how much?

$4.97 and it works!  I think it's about 30" or 32".  We needed another TV for a room we are trying to make functionable instead of having it piled up with junk.  You will see it in a post soon, hopefully. 

Are you putting on your shoes and headed to your local Goodwill?   I'm sure you won't regret it.

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