Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Fuzz Factor - a Lesson

I was going for a twist out. 

I washed with the Afroveda carrot shampoo bar - conditioned with VO5 & worked the Giovanni Leave In around in sections.

image from afroveda.com

For twisting, I used the REmix from this post along with my finally delivered Afroveda PurWhipped Hair Gelly. 

image from afroveda.com
Here is how my hair turned out.

I had to untwisted them more for volume.  I like my hair to frame my face.

Close up in some areas it was a bit fuzzy and definitely felt like a film of conditioner was left on my hair. Ew.

However, looking back those twist are DA BUSINESS and I was being waaaaay too hard on myself. 

I had a casual lunch date for the next day (about a possible job), so that nite, I REtwisted my whole head AGAIN.  This time using only the gelly (on top of the other stuff) in conjunction with my moisturizing spritz.  That gelly gives your hair sooo much slip, it felt soo nice and I had a lil' hangtime in my twists (don't hate). 

This is how Take 2 turned out.

Lessons Learned:
#1 I'm waaay too hard on myself
#2 I don't need the leave-in, shea-butter REmix and the Afroveda Gelly for my twist outs. The defintion was GRRRREAT but I didn't like the way it felt.
#3 I really like the slip from the Afroveda Gelly, (keep eye out for a cheaper, s&h FREE, replacement)

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  1. Very pretty. Came out really nice all pics look great and shiny too.