Friday, April 16, 2010

Extra Extra!!!

Over the past month, I received two emails about natural product lines with Exciting News!!!

{1} In March MissJessies announced they will be at your local Tarjay!  I think this is FABULOUS it will bring good hair products to the masses (hopefully).  Their products are a tad pricey, but that is where I started.  And I will say this, everytime I made a purchase direct or via - my goods were shipped in less than 48 hours.  I wish them luck and madd success!
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{2} Sweet Eddie by Nature is getting a store.  What What!!!  She is also working on expanding her product line through several distributors.  AWESOME!  I honestly thought about reselling Sweet Eddie and renaming my line, Lil Mama to cater to the kiddos.  But my heart was torn away to something else, coming soon! (with God's grace of course)
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Right now, I have one too many products to buy anything else.  But folks being able to grab and go something other than the BS at the corner store may encourage better hair care, yes?! 

I am so excited and proud for these Ladies, they make me proud to be a woman!  Go get 'em Yall!

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