Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you puff?

I came up with the title yesterday and had to text it to myself so I wouldn't forget it.  I crack myself up sometimes.

Over the weekend, I checked in on a few of my youtube.com hair style subscriptions. And this one, allthatsgold had a link to her blog, thegoldensparkle.blogspot.com
I was there, doing the voyeur thing and I saw this:

image courtesy of thegoldensparkle.blogspot.com/
I luvd it so, I had puff envy!! (for like 20 secs). My twistout died on Monday, so I did a lil’ puffing of my own. It’s not quite as pouf and juicy as hers but it’ll do. Check out her blog, she’s young, her posts are short and she makes me smile with her positivity.

I need to learn to use the pantyhose as a twist-tie. That is one trick that is lost on me, I pull hairs everytime and it never gives me the POWWY WOWWY I'm looking to achieve. 

Oh, and while I was trying to get a photo of myself without pulling back at arms length, I designed a homemade tripod. 

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