Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well, I'm back...

Nobody's following, thats why I quit. I deleted the blog and everythang, but blogger let me bring it back (smiles).

It's terribly hard to put yourself "out there". 

I knew I wanted to blog but I wasn't sure how much, to whom, etc plus I got frustrated adding, resizing the pics and all that, argh!  But now blogger has made it easier,  whut whut! 

I've learned so much from youtube, online, etc, I thought I should share my successes (and failures) too.  It wasn't until this month that I decided that I could do it and should do it. 

I came to this decision primarily:
-1- Because if one person reads something I write and it makes a difference for them, I'll be pleased.
-2- It will keep me 'hip', you know....in tune with technology (:

So, today I do declare, I'M BACK!  With scoops on hair, crafts and home.  And I hope along the way I find some folks to take this journey with me.