Thursday, December 30, 2010

Join me for a spin…through 2010


A recap through my mind and some of my blog posts..or intended posts.

#5 Know when to get help. 

Bloggers, Vloggers, have inspired me so much.  And not just on the outside or by increasing my credit card bill but on the inside.  I thank each of you for stopping by and reading my craziness and for posting yours.  Folks are reading, even if they can’t comment all the time.  I know I am! 

I’ve learned so much this year.  Money saving tricks.  Hair secrets.  Cleaning tips. Crafty tips. Designing tips. Gift ideas. The list goes on, I am thankful.

It’s a wonder I made it this long without bloggers!

#4 Sewing

Brother XL-3750


This was a resolution of mine for 2010.  I got a basic machine at Tarjay, took an inexpensive class and I haven’t looked back.  This hobby is saving me money on prettying up the house, things for my little girl and it helps me to relax when I feel stressed.  I have to jazz up my machine and give her a nickname, any suggestions?

Wanna feel like a champion? Get a hobby!  It can you give you peace of mind to master different techniques, confidence is a humdinger.  Trust me.

{If interested, start here – she makes it all seem sew simple.}

#3 Goodwill and Ebay = SCORE!


Depending on the item, you can get a sweet score from the Goodwill or Ebay and save yourself a few coins, coins you can use on more important things, like savings and hair products – heehee.

#2 - Less is More – (I’m talking clutter, not cash)

goodwill drop

This year I purged a lot, A LOT!  I don’t miss any of it and hope to loose even more stuff in 2011. Having less stuff has given me peace of mind, made me prouder of my home and it’s a  heck of a lot easier to find stuff.

#1 Be Joyful Always.  Pray continually. Give Thanks in all Circumstances.

We had an odd year here at our home.  Lots and lots of ups and downs, plot twists and turns, LOUD screaming matches, dark dark days and bright and clear nights.  I learned so much in 2010.  I feel like I grew up.  A light went on over my head and it’s been shining ever since. 

I am finally content, in everything.

I don’t have a need, only minor wants.  It’s a wonderful place to be.  Join me, today, happiness is a choice.

I wish you all a Healthy, Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

Tiffany 2.011 coming soon, don’t change that channel!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sale much?

Do you hit the stores after the holidays for good deals?

I snagged some “holiday” goods from Target – 50% off beginning the day after Christmas. 


They mark anything “Christmasy” on sale – the candy, nuts, gifting jars (you can use for sugar, flour), half off - yeah baby!!  I heard it goes to 75% by the weekend, in case your interested…

Other hair-related sales going on Miss Jessies – BOGO, and Bee Mine (discount code YESBEE for 15%; not on the website but good on Thurs Dec 30th, per the email)

Also, I made the cinnamon rolls on Christmas morn (I only did half the recipe) and they were delish!  I prepared the dough the night before and finished them up in the morning, definitely a keeper to share with your favorite friends and family.  And honestly most of the ingredients you have at home, I luv those kind of recipes.


I’m working on my 2010 Recap as well as my New Year’s resolutions for 2011 – both to be posted this week.

Stay tuned, I’m off to put one 4 year old to bed 37 minutes late. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010




My life this month has been a blur, both hectic and heavy.

My daughter turned 4 and then I lost my Mom to lung cancer, 10 days apart. Heavy.

I flat-ironed my hair for the funeral and I wanted to take a photo, but I can’t find my gosh dang memory card.  However, per my sister, I took a fashion risk and loss.  Gotta luv sisters, right? yeah, NOT so much…

We are home now and I am at peace that my Mom is no longer in pain. 

But I’m not here to bring you all down, remember this is my happy place.

So have a Merry, Merry Christmas!!! 

And might I suggest you begin a tradition with your family, for us, no gifts, but we enjoy each other with a seafood dinner and trying to cram in multiple movies at the theatre. (Double freeture)

This year, I want to add these to our Christmas tradition, for breakfast.  Don’t they look delish?

pioneer woman cinnamon rolls


Enjoy your holiday or maybe just some time off.

All the best - Tiffany

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wanna win some cuteness!


Blue Dott

The sweet Zainab1 over at Au Naturale left me a message about a giveaway over on her blog.

It starts today, starring Younikness.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Have you ever, clicked and clicked and clicked and then you can’t even remember where you started?

I read this tonight and knew for sure I was exactly where I needed to be…

But sometimes it’s nice to be reminded – ‘the pretty pretty is not real life’  Luv the simplicity in those words.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quick grabs..


The last time I wrote, I mentioned a new item..

PC070817Both of these items are under $5 each (at Tarjay).  Imagine that.

Hollywood Beauty, Olive Creme: I really really like the idea of a crème oil product as oil sits on my dry hair.  It never gets absorbed in, just wipes off on everything it touches.  Greasy and Gross.  However, this contains parabens, and I just learned that they are harmful carcinogens, dammit.  Seriously disappointed, I had already went back and picked up the Castor Oil Crème. 

Please explain how this is allowed from the FDA?  Makes me so mad, are they not PAID to protect the consumer.  sheesh.


The Organice Root Stimulator, Nature’s Shine: Is full of oils and a light scent.  I’m currently using this on my daughter after a shower (where she wets her hair).  Just a light mist before she goes to bed.  On other nights I’m applying a shea mix.  Her hair is dry and weak, it can’t tolerate my laziness so I’m trying to do better.

I’ve really been a lazy natural and a lazy everything else, but now since it’s cold out I’m trying to focus my energy on the remaining clutter and decorating. 

Right now, I’m working on this:


….hopefully I can share the finished product soon. 

Thanks for stopping in. (This jumping keyboard is working my nerves, definitely saving for the switch to Apple)

Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey Guys,

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, kinda!

My laptop died, the black screen of death.  I lost ALL my music, photos, folders, ugh...must we rehash this horror. 

Anyhoo, I remembered that we had Microsoft 7 (one disc after I went old school and tried to install the 5 it came went, silly me).  The installation was successful and NOW I can at least use the PC (thank heavens). 

However, when I type emails the keys jump around.  Nuts, right! (Not a virus either checked)

.....But this is my happy place!  So movin' right along!

A friend of mine sent me this video and it kinda brought me right herrrre.

Hope it adds a lil' sunshine to your day:

I found a new cheap product to share, now, if only I can find my camera....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I woke up on Sunday - went downstairs all ready to cook a big breakfast and the kidds left a mess from the night before…enter funky mood :x

I went back to bed, pulled out the laptop and checked my reader:

Family: best halloween family (her photography skillz are da *ish!)


Sewing/Craft: Kick @ss t-shirt refashion

Home: dollar store baskets can get your home in order – gotta have it!

Mini Pies(image)

Cooking/Foodies: can these really be this ez? can’t wait to try on Turkey day!!!

Natural Hair: Man’s approach, enjoyed every single word.

(some I saw before sunday but this is a full recap from last weeks categories in my reader)

…took a short nap and woke up with a new, fresher, calmer, less funky attitude :o)

Gosh, I luv bloggers, they have a way of making life seem simpler, making me feel, normal.

Lata Yo!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don’t cry for me…

Hey, Me again, 3 in 1 night,

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching (the shops have the trees, wrapping paper and ornaments out already!) 

I wanted to make a quick announcement that we Christmas Spirithere at The Curl World do not celebrate Christmas in the “traditional” way.  (If you want to read more about this I’ll give details at the bottom)

Anyhoo, we do use this time of year to Give Thanks and share in the Season of Giving.

So you might see a post or 2 about inexpensive gift ideas/suggestions for those wonderful people who touch our lives and deserve a special token of appreciation.

Idea #1 Trade-in buys movies.  You can use these dollars at Amazon to get stuff and get rid of movies you no longer watch. Hello? This is genius!  Now is a great time to get started so you can have the funds in time for holiday spending:)  ‘cause according to, there are on 53 days remaining!!


Still here, wanna know why no Christmas? What’s the matter with me?  To put it simply, The Hubbs was raised with an Islamic background and never celebrated Christmas (he turned out ok).  Early on in our relationship it was something we discussed and agreed upon.  We are not anti-Christmas, we simply do not exchange gifts in our home.  We do however have our own tradition for Christmas day, we bake cookies for our neighbors, we hit the movies for as long as we can stand it and we close out the day with a big seafood dinner.  Good Times :)   Both of my boys did have one year when they just didn’t get why NOT (around age 8 or 9), but now they just look forward to the time off from school.   We hugg them more to make up for it :)


Fall is definitely here…


We had the first frost today.

The nites and mornings are much cooler and I find I am getting more deep sleep.  I’ve been waking up refreshed, alert, well rested.

And I hate to say it, but the different color leaves, in all the shapes and sizes are actually quite beautiful.

But Summer, my sweet hot Summer, you are still my #1.


P.S. Turning the clocks back (FALL BACK) is this weekend. 

Sweet Nature by Eddie turns 3

I’ve purchased products from this line before and have found myself on the mailing list, for her monthly newsletter. 

The other day, this was snippet was included.

snbe turns 3

I know, I know, it’s a advertisement, but still a pretty good story, yes?

We Kinky Coily Curly Tops struggle, but patience…(and some luvin) can work!

Give your hair a {hugg} and break out the good stuff :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


a teacher says to his 6th grade students.

stack-of-books “…You have to study and learn so that you can make up your own mind about history and everything else but you can’t make up an empty mind.  Stock your mind, stock your mind.  It is your house of treasure and no one in the world can interfere with it.  If you won the Irish Sweepstakes and bought a house that needed furniture would you fill it with bits and pieces of rubbish? Your mind is your house and if you fill it with rubbish from the cinemas it will rot in your head.  You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”

Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt  (image)

These words on page 208 leapt out the page to me, I earmarked it and I will probably frame them for my home.

My Dad would always say (over and over again) that an education is something that can NEVER be taken away from you. 

I encourage you to stock your mind.  A luv of reading is a treasure, it’s like a movie in your head at your pace.

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon now, ya hear.

Crinkle cut?

fromfront nov1 I tried a braid out over the weekend.  Turned out really cute, today was day one and it has lots of body and hang-time.  I did this on towel dried hair.

side shot nov1

Shampoo: Mystery concoction to use up old products

Conditioner: Moisture Maniac (just ok for the price)

Styling agent: Knock-off Afroveda

And don’t forget, voting is taking place all across America.  Make yours count and encourage 3 others to do the same.  God Bless the US!



Friday, October 29, 2010

I have boys too..


They are dressed as evil twin brothers (fyi – boys stop smiling at around 9)

I feel like I leave them out sometimes, I rarely show them luv here, but I do luv them immensely.  They are a challenge!

Kadir (taller than him Momma at 14, his name is Arabic for capable) and Khari (born with compassion many will never know is 11, his name is Swahili for Kingly).

Strong names with character, for the strong men they are destined to become (no choice in the matter)

That’s the fam.

We’ll get back to hair soon :)


kya 2010 halloween

Here’s Kya on the way home from her Preschool party today – rocked out!

They celebrate Halloween here today, she’s out trick or treating now with the Diesel (that’s the Hubbs’ football name).  I hope they get enough Sour Patch Kids and Swedish fish to share, they are my favs!! 

What do you prefer, candy or chocolate?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where have you been all my life…

PA020653 you see my old brand in the background, I purchased it online.

PA230694but this brand is so smooth and fragrant, you just wanna lick it like shaved ice.  I got it at the local market for $9 bucks.  can’t beat that.

I’ve been at the dentist for over an hour the last 2 days,  take it from me.  FLOSS!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NYC for the day


Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn and headed to NYC for the Wendy Williams show.

#1 I don’t watch. I just wanted a day in NY no kidds, no worries, jus hanging out.

We were there pretty early - 7:40ish got good placement in line but they put us waaaaaaay up top. 

#2 I was irked.

It was definitely interesting to watch everything that goes into putting on a LIVE TV show.  The makeup, the host, the guests, I will say I enjoyed it. (Oh, the love affair with the thai stone, is so OVER!) 

#3 I think we failed “the look” test.  Boooo!!! 

I was wearing jeans, cute shoes and a navy military style jacket.  My natural hair (in twist) was just tied back with a plain headband.  One of my friends was natural and the other a professional but similar dress style – casual - cute.  But I will admit we were not NY fabulous and perhaps we could have “put it on” a bit more. Well Wendy you’re no Oprah, but point taken.

You live and learn.  Not sure I would go back for Wendy, but I did have a good great time visiting! We had lunch, cocktails, sightseeing, a girls day out!

Here was one of my favorite things at the show:


LYBO (laughing your behind off) ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shea Moisture at Target

I was in Philly today for my nephews bday, so I especially stopped at Tarjay on my way home to look for some hair products, and I was pleasantly pleased, Shea Moisture, Jane Carter, Curlz and Miss Jessie’s were all there.


shea moisture lotion Have you had a moment to read the story behind these products? (I have a lil thing for the underdog, so they are pretty much guaranteed to get some more of my money)

And you will not believe the prices

But, don’t be silly like me, so engrossed in reading the ingredients, that you never peep the description.  Duh!

I bought the lotion and thought I was getting a leave-in, silly.

It was $9.99 – which is a great price, no s&h – LUV! and even though it says Frankincense and Myrrh, it has a light sweetness to it, honeysuckle essential oil, new LUV! 

I have to go back through Philly next weekend and trust, I’m already thinking about my next S&H free purchase! 

In this respect, I miss living in a big city.

My sister insisted that I bring home some cake, damn her.  Lemme go handle that :)

Hope your having a great weekend, thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

32 followers and I need a disclaimer!



I was toying around in blogger tonight and clicked on stats (first time EVER).  That’s where I noticed I’ve been getting traffic from bitchielife. Huh? Whut? Huh?

So I click on the link, and see Jill.  Damn.  Like she needs this crap.

This is the 2nd time I’ve seen that picture (I grabbed from a friend’s facebook) posted on another blog in not the most positive light.  (At least this one did link back)

I feel like $#%!  I was not talking junk on her, I was just saying I noticed it.  And in hindsight, how the hell do I know she didn’t get her hair pressed? I don’t!  UGH!


No, Whoopi, IT IS NOT JUST YOU!!!

In kinder, gentler news. I also got lots of POSITIVE traffic from here.

I had to share, but yo, that is how rumors get started. 


A weird week, busy busy at work & nothing seems to be going as planned at home.

When this happens I just want my lil’ corner of the world to be neat, orderly, perfect.  And since I have 3 kids, we all know that ain’t happening. 

So, I organized my reader, the place where I’m in total control.

my reader cropped 

Did you know you can add folders?  aaah, simple pleasures.

Hope your week is going better, and alas, tomorrow is Friday, what what!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Would you Bee Mine?

A few weeks ago, MopTop Maven did a video on Bee Mine Curly Butter.  But typical me, I was more interested in the whole layering process.

I was left wondering if it was too much product: water based leave-in, followed by oil, then the butter product.  Huh?!  too heavy too much for sure….

So, I tried it on clean, dry hair. 

garnier leave inI wasn’t sure about my relationship with Giovanni, so I scored some Garnier Fructis Leave-In.

I then layered with Argan Oil from Sallys.   I bought a small bottle just in case I hated it, I so didn’t.  It only lasted one week between me and my daughter but I prolly won’t buy it again, pricey.

Let’s stop here for a sec, my hair was so soft.  So soft, I went and got the coconut oil because I was trying to figure out the catalyst to this new softness, was it Garnier? or the argan oil?  What in this new regimen was givin my hair the luvn feeln?  It was the layering because the coconut oil gave the same effect!!! 


I followed the oil with a lil Moe’s Magic for the twists.  Divine.

It was sometime in the next week I purchased Bee Mine’s Hair Milk.  I used this the next time I twisted my hair and it was not as soft in the layering process.  But I continued to use it, I just wasn’t sure if it topped out good ol’ $4 dollar Garnier.

Until tonight.  Last Sunday I twisted my hair, I’ve been wearing them pinned in two bigg twists (like my HS Reunion pic).  One day this week, I squirted some Aloe Vera Juice and Glycerin all over.  Yes, only ONE day, I’m a lazy natural.

PA030671 <---- this is a pic from last Sunday, I was trying to get a picture off all the gray! ugh.  But you can hardly see them here, in real life, they are taking over!

My regimen has been to wear the protective style for a week and then the twist out for the next.  So tonight I wanted to put a heavier moisturizer on to get through the next week.  I rubbed a lil’ on my hands and over the twists – and they were still soft before and even softer after.  So soft that some of them, in the back, the tighter coils, yes, the legendary kitchen, were unraveling!  The hair was so soft it could barely stay twisted I can’t believe it myself, smooth, soft, gentle, luvly.  I untwisted it just to take a look and run my fingers through it.  Disbelief, gasp, yes, softness!!  I have never felt the hair on the nape of my neck feel this smooth with no coarseness.  And in hindsight, I’ve been having a helluva time keeping them pinned up.


my kinks, coils, curls in all their natural glory

So, if you do nothing else.  Try this layering process.  I’m not urging you or encouraging you to buy a thing, in fact I think you should try what you have on hand.  Alls I can say is it’s working for me.  I wish you the same success. Layer, Layer, Layer.

Image Image

P.S. For serious, how many times did I say soft? 89? or maybe smooth, 62? sheesh, I need to get up on my vocab.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Inspiration Nation

blogger icon

Has your life changed by blogging or bloggers?

Are you inspired or envious?

I have a friend who would get kinda blue (or green with envy, whatever you prefer) when I’d send her new stuff I found on blogs.

I would have the opposite reaction {mostly}…. I found:


Bloggers/blogging has awakened me to so many new things.  I enjoy it so much, I’ve learned so much!

And mostly I’ve just been inspired to change my bad habits, share my good ones and learn a lot.

But trust, I’ve had those moments of envy…super cute hair, great style, house neat as a pin, banging blog, yep, I’ve envied them all.

…and you what, I had to delete those subscriptions.  I don’t want to lurk, I want to comment and applaud your successes, and if I don’t get warm and fuzzy feelings, I shouldn’t be subbing, so I let them go.  It’s better for both of us.

I said all that to say: Read blogs that INSPIRE you to become a better you, not make you feel inadequate. 

Peace n Luv.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

:: Boot talkin with ‘E’ ::

My maternal family has a ton of females.  And in some cases, yup, DRAMA.

But I want to show you an instance of pure luv and comedy.

Let me set the scene:  I’ve been looking for tall riding boots. Basic. Leather. Flats that I can rock home and work, dress ‘em or down. Keep in mind, I’m frugal and plain and sometimes a tad geriatric.

My cousin E has been trying to help me as my area is limited and she is in the “shopping” know. 

Check out today’s exchange:

boot talking with E

Is she a nut case or what?  Luv her

It’s nice to know when someone’s got your back.  Well I got yours!

Thanks for dropping in.


Get this.

I think double is a bit much.

I hope this isn’t a trend in the market. Ouch.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Failure is not an option

So September went out with this EPIC FAIL.


Gross looking right.  It’s shea, coconut & essential oils melted, no whipping. Ick Yuck Ew. 

Moving right along, welcome to the next segment of….



An oil pomade (lots o’oils and lil beeswax)

PA020655  And yet another whipped shea/cocoa/coconut oil/aloe

Sundays are lazy days round here.  So I will try these out and report back.

Hope your enjoying the weather it was gorgeous out today.  Me I’m delaying the inevitable (chores, ugh).

And of course, thanks for stopping by, next time let’s have coffee or tea? (or wine? or martinis?) I’m flexible :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Run over here and check this out.

hmmm, wonder if I’m too old?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Amazing Thai Stone

Since going natural, so much more than my hair has changed. 

The story:

One day, filling up my shopping cart at Oyin, I switched to a natural deodorant.

funkbuttr oyin funk butter consistency

Oyin’s Funk butter was working, but the container was a problem so I ditched it and thought, I can DIY.  Ugh, I had a bad bad reaction – hidradenitis suppurativa.  Basicly, painful lumps in my armpits, I mean go to the doctor, cough up the copay painful. 

The antibiotics worked but would you believe that *ish* came back a few weeks later, another visit, another copay another prescription.  I REFUSED to constantly be on meds and that’s all the Doc was talking, besides see a specialist, blah blah blah.  He wrote me 2 more scripts, I filled one but refused to fill the other. Dang it!

So, I did my OWN research and learned that it was a result of swollen and infected glands but also that the DIY deodorants es didn’t have an antiseptic kinda (well not strong enough for me). (Kinda like hair DIYs without a preservative). 

tea tree oil 

So, one day, I just tried my Tea Tree Oil on a q-tip (cause it’s $10 a bottle) and BOOYAA!  It worked and guess what, the infection has NEVER come back.  Simply Amazing!!!!

I still didn’t want to use deodorants with aluminum, so I’ve been buying and trying all kinds, and I’m pleased to report this one actually works with bonuses!!! 


This gets Five Stars! (here’s why)

#1 It keeps the funk at bay, Imma lady but I will admit, I need de-o, fo sho.

** {Bonus} **

Easy to use, you just wet it and rub it on your pits. Simple.  Won’t ruin your cute shirt, ever!

Super Duper gentle on your skin!!  I used it today after shaving, no irritation.

You could also use it on ur feet, (my hubbs says my middle kid needs one)

I found this gem at my local Fresh Market ($7 or $8) – we don’t have Whole Foods, but I bet it’s there.  So no S&H – Gotta Luv it even more for that!

{also…It’s only been 2 weeks, so I will let you all know if that pesky infection returns, but I’ve been without it for well over 9 months now.}

Thanks for stopping in.  I appreciate ya for it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scaredy Cat!


I talk myself in and out of things alll the time.

One of my goals this year was to open an etsy shop, cause I luv, triple heart LUV to make stuff.  Then when I see all the cuteness already on etsy, I chicken out.


I gotta “man” up!

Does this ever happen to you?

Product Junkies Anonymous

I love hair products.  Lots of hair products. Elastics, flowers, creams, gels.  Luv ‘em!


P9220606                                 here’s the drawer in the bathroom sink


and under the sink (i save my empties, see)


                                                   now the closet basket (for when I wear my mixtress hat)


P9220628 P9220610

                                                       miscellaneous goods all over!











                                                                                                  and you remember these………………..yep, still got ‘em

You know what they say.  Knowing is half the battle…

How does this stuff accumulate so quickly?  It really needs order.

Needless to say, I’ve cut down on my spending to try and use up some of this stuff.  My goal is to get all the products down to one basket.

But I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s trial and error not that I want to spend so much money trying products.

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I’m searching for a simple hair regimen.