Sunday, October 11, 2009

Body Butter

For years, years, I bought $15-$20 tubs of scented body butter from The Body Shop. It wasn't until I went natural that I realized I could make it myself for less!

I first started making it for my son, who has eczema something terrible in the inner elbow and behind the knees. Now I make it for myself too.

I stopped adding water, it just ended up in mold and mildew, and buying other products to preserve the mix, argh! I'm doing this to save money and have better skin, who needs that added frustration.
I got the idea for this mix from Milan, I used a little less oil. I think next time, I'm gonna ditch the aloe vera because it doesn't have the slide I want just yet. It's close to perfection and not greasy at all

You need -
- shea butter
- aloe vera gel (alcohol free)..I recommend u keep this if u have dry skin
- skin friendly oils

- skin friendly smell goods
- big bowl for mixin'
Melt the shea butter (I used 160z), in a pyrex container on the stove. Just soft enough for baking cookies, except it's for your skin.
Dump in aloe vera, (I used 1/3 cup),
and whip it around some... I have this old manual beater, it works. You can probably get one pretty inexpensive under $20..and if you're only using it for this stuff check out your neighborhood Goodwill.
side bar - this is my first blog with pics and everytime i insert a pic it goes up to the top of the blog. how do you say...annoying, i want it to insert in the right place.

ok after that is all whipped and fluffy, slowly pour in the oil. i did a slow pour but all at once probably doesn't hurt. btw, why i was slow pouring, holding the blender and whipping, i tried to take a picture and WHAT A MESS. the shea butter went all over. it was a mess. i was too embarrased to photograph it, so i quick cleaned up before the hubbs came in.
oils i used, 1/4 grapeseed, 1/4 almond, 2 tbsp coconut oil (available at my local super walmart, customer service there suxx but they have good prices)
I also added 2 tsp of fragrance per 8 oz. My son uses a wanna be abercrombie and fitch fragrance, and for me, I used lemon and mango. The shea butter still has a little nutty finish, I haven't figured out a way to completly neutralize it.

Here's the finish consistency, thick, fluffy, handmade shea butter.
I poured it into some empty containers I was storing and made my deliveries to the
Notice how blurry this is, the camera lens had been hit by some of the mess I mentioned earlier, funny now but frustrating then.