Monday, August 31, 2009

The Copy Cat Spritzer

So far, I've successfully "copycatted" one product - Oyin handmade's Juices and Berries.

Now, Oyin's J&B nourishing herbal leave in has about a dozen ingredients and is oil free. The copycat below has a splash of oil, because my little girls hair needs all the hugs it can get. But you don't have to add the oil.

If you've tried Oyin on your thirsty hair you know, its light and quite luvly. But gosh dang I can't stand waiting 14+ days all the time for a reup. It's $11 a bottle; depending on frequency of use, that bottle can last you a long way or not.

Now, the copycat recipe:
50% Spring or distilled water
25% Alcohol-free Aloe Vera Juice (I use George's brand)
20% Vegetable glycerin
5% Hair friendly oil - Not Yo Momma's Crisco. Perhaps, Olive, Almond, Jojoba. One that will stay liquid. I don't recommend Coconut Oil as this can solidify at cooler temperatures, and that my fellow Curly will jack up your spritz bottles squirting power.

O man, I almost forgotted. To get that fresh from the vine, scent that is so divine, add a little Raspberry fragrance oil. I got mine at Wellington Fragrance Company. This site has a minimum sale price, we'll have to figure out a way around that...

Another note about Oyin's product - the bottle is perrrfect for misting the tresses. When I spray Kya Cupcake, we recite "Squirt-Squirt-Wiggle-Wiggle" cause when it falls on your skin your just inclined to wiggle. I'll add pics of the process later but it's pretty simple.

Happy sprayn!