Sunday, August 3, 2014

Using a list


For the past few weeks, I have made a habit of using a List, and sticking to it.  I can’t believe how helpful it is at home and work, I can’t remember why I stop using them cause I always go back.  Using a list has really helped me stay focused, because I am easily sidetracked. 

My list keeper is just a boring planner provided by work, but here are some cute lists you can print: cute, cute, cute.  And since school is approaching, a simple b&w composition book would do, or you can doll one up.

I just ebayed (is that a word?) some things I’ve been meaning to get listed for months!  It feeeels so good.  Hence, why I’m on the PC, that dang ipad is da devil, too easy. 

What else is new? hmmm, Bath and Body is giving away product…Right now they insist on giving away 2 if you buy 3, so I snagged a new scent….French Lavender and Honey.  It takes me fooooorever to choose a new scent.  It can’t itch my nose, it can’t be too sugary sweet and also not too perfumey.  So, I’m anxious to try it on full body for a full day, I hope it’s a good match to my own body scent.  Fingers crossed.

Other than that, I am enjoying Summer.  Hope you are too!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big Fan

Lampshade sharp

I am a big fan of blogs and pinterest, I check the feed daily.  So much positive inspiration. 

One thing I realized during blogger Holiday Home Tours was how much I like the contrast with black and white as the neutrals.  So, I’ve been trying to update things around the house where it can make an impact without much effort.  This little lampshape was one of them, paint is such a game changer.  Thing is, I ran out of craft paint so the lampshade is now both glossy and flat.  That is typically how things roll for me. 

Anyhoo, here a few articles I’ve been reading on the webs, hope you enjoy:

This was fun to read again, no brainer wardrobe

One word, empowering.

Multiple celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. 

I am trying out simple makeup for 2014.

Spring in PA is still toying with us, April is over, but we’re still seeing a lot of rain.  Oh well, at least it’s not snow.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mom Momma Mommy Mom

I’m already thinking about Mother’s Day.  Not that I expect anything special, I just like to have gift ideas ready, ya know, just in case anyone cares to ask.

Since it’s been on my mind, I quick wrote down some gift ideas and prettied them up in Polyvore.

A few of my favorite things for the big spender.spendersTarget: I’ll take a giftcard and some alone time to cruise the aisles, suuure.

Tervis cup: I use mine everyday, it’s good for hot & cold beverages.  And it’s eco-friendly.

iphone: My iphone will be 3 years old this June, that’s dinosaur age in technology. 

Movie tickets: I love a good movie, perfect distraction from life.

Hand-stamped bling:  Especially if it says Awesome!

Toms: I really like their One for One philosophy.  Cute shoes and giving back, who can say no? 

But of course, Mother’s Day isn’t about spending money and consuming.  Here are some of my favorite freebies that I welcome Mother’s Day or any day for that matter.

freebiesHomemade Coupons: Good for quiet time, pillow fluffing, yardwork, tidying, skies the limit.  Any of the above would make this momma happy.

Vacuum-A-Room: No, not a Dyson, just one less chore for Mom.  I’ll take it. 

Warm Foot rub:  Bubbly foot bath with a gentle rub while I catch up on my TiVo.  Sold.

Handmade card: Remember those from when the kiddos were in Elementary school, jacked up magazine cuttings, misspellings and all.   

Scalp massage:  Yes Calgon, take me away.

Cup of Coffee/Tea: A warm cup in bed made by you, 

Did I miss anything? 

Moms, I’m curious - what would make your day special? 

Not a Mom, what would your Mom like? Tell me in the comments about one spendy gift and one freebie. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Listen Lenda Honey

The longer days are busting out the energy.  Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Phase 1

IKEA Lenda curtains had been in the dining room forever. 

Then someone invented Pinterest and I had to have the ribbon trim style.  A coupon from Hobby Lobby and Boom.

Phase 2

Thing is, I used the iron on bonding and that made the curtains stiff with the ribbon on the bottom.  Not so cute.  So I washed the ribbon off over Christmas break to preserve the curtains and the ribbon.

Phase 3

Dried them too.  No bueno.  They were floods until Spring.  Sad.

Phase 5

Here they are tonight. 

I hung, pinned and hemmed them one Sunday afternoon in less than 2 hours.  Could’ve been much faster but I adhered the wrong two sides the first time.  Classic Tiffany moving too fast.  I just tugged it apart and reapplied the stichwitch.  I prefer the IKEA brand so I keep it on hand. 


Yes, they are a little long but I prefer that over too short.  I am hopeful to add this black trim as soon as I have some time to comparison shop for tassel pricing. 

In the meantime, watch young Mateo on his quest for cupcakes against Mom Linda.  I thought it was honest fun. 

Are you doing anything fun for Spring.  I am PUMPED to clean house and enjoy the outdoors.  PUMPED, yo.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pennsylvania Arctic

This was last Wednesday.  Bitter, bitter temperatures.  
Saturday showed promise.  Full sun and low 40s.

And then there's today.  Freezing rain, temperature just above freezing.

These photos were all taken about the same time on my way out of the garage in the morning, I noticed putting this together how the light was so different. 

It's getting pretty amusing now.  The kids have not had a full week of school since December. Lots of snow delays and plenty of snow days.  I'm hoping Winter 2014 is one for the records. 

No idea why these mums never made it to the local yard waste drop off, don't judge me ;)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I really miss google reader.

I’m just getting the feel for the ins and outs over on blogluvin but it is no google reader.  I miss the search and sort features and how easy reader was to pop out and leave comments.  

Take a look at the first “blog” I ever read:

It's from 2002.  It’s a true story, pretty funny if you have time to kill.  

I got hooked on blogs in 2009/10 starting with the site: The site links to home & craft posts and from there the gates opened and heaven sang.  It was like an exclusive club I had been looking for For reals. 

P.S. Did you know the word blog is a truncation of the expression web log?  I just found that one out today.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well Hello.

Yesterday marked 10 months that I've been absent from the blog.
I have 4 words for you.  
I had a baby!!!
Mothering teenagers is exhausting.
Not kidding.  That part is 100% true.

Between the kids and all the magazine ready shots on pinterest, I just lost my voice and became a spectator.  So lame.  Hanging my head in shame.  

Really lame, because I really miss creating.  And sharing.
So with that said, I'm really gonna try better and harder and stronger.

That quote hit the nail on the head.

Happy New Year Everyone!