Thursday, April 10, 2014

Listen Lenda Honey

The longer days are busting out the energy.  Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Phase 1

IKEA Lenda curtains had been in the dining room forever. 

Then someone invented Pinterest and I had to have the ribbon trim style.  A coupon from Hobby Lobby and Boom.

Phase 2

Thing is, I used the iron on bonding and that made the curtains stiff with the ribbon on the bottom.  Not so cute.  So I washed the ribbon off over Christmas break to preserve the curtains and the ribbon.

Phase 3

Dried them too.  No bueno.  They were floods until Spring.  Sad.

Phase 5

Here they are tonight. 

I hung, pinned and hemmed them one Sunday afternoon in less than 2 hours.  Could’ve been much faster but I adhered the wrong two sides the first time.  Classic Tiffany moving too fast.  I just tugged it apart and reapplied the stichwitch.  I prefer the IKEA brand so I keep it on hand. 


Yes, they are a little long but I prefer that over too short.  I am hopeful to add this black trim as soon as I have some time to comparison shop for tassel pricing. 

In the meantime, watch young Mateo on his quest for cupcakes against Mom Linda.  I thought it was honest fun. 

Are you doing anything fun for Spring.  I am PUMPED to clean house and enjoy the outdoors.  PUMPED, yo.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pennsylvania Arctic

This was last Wednesday.  Bitter, bitter temperatures.  
Saturday showed promise.  Full sun and low 40s.

And then there's today.  Freezing rain, temperature just above freezing.

These photos were all taken about the same time on my way out of the garage in the morning, I noticed putting this together how the light was so different. 

It's getting pretty amusing now.  The kids have not had a full week of school since December. Lots of snow delays and plenty of snow days.  I'm hoping Winter 2014 is one for the records. 

No idea why these mums never made it to the local yard waste drop off, don't judge me ;)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I really miss google reader.

I’m just getting the feel for the ins and outs over on blogluvin but it is no google reader.  I miss the search and sort features and how easy reader was to pop out and leave comments.  

Take a look at the first “blog” I ever read:

It's from 2002.  It’s a true story, pretty funny if you have time to kill.  

I got hooked on blogs in 2009/10 starting with the site: The site links to home & craft posts and from there the gates opened and heaven sang.  It was like an exclusive club I had been looking for For reals. 

P.S. Did you know the word blog is a truncation of the expression web log?  I just found that one out today.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Well Hello.

Yesterday marked 10 months that I've been absent from the blog.
I have 4 words for you.  
I had a baby!!!
Mothering teenagers is exhausting.
Not kidding.  That part is 100% true.

Between the kids and all the magazine ready shots on pinterest, I just lost my voice and became a spectator.  So lame.  Hanging my head in shame.  

Really lame, because I really miss creating.  And sharing.
So with that said, I'm really gonna try better and harder and stronger.

That quote hit the nail on the head.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kid President

Kid president
Have you seen this kid yet?  Love his spirit, his innocence and those big brown eyes. 
Get to know him, Here or Here or Here.  Most popular one, right here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The weekend with 50+ degrees in early March

When we went to Florida back in January, the online travel agency (Orbitz, I think) offered priced matching.  And wouldn’t you know,  our flights went on sale (after our purchase) so we had a generous hotel credit.  Since we were nervous they’d take it all back any day, we drove up to visit New York City to blow the wad.
I have one word for NYC – diverse.  And that’s a good thing, in my opinion.  Because the kids in our family run in ages from 6 to 17 (gulp) we fit right in. 
We tried to do something for all, we ended up doing a lil’ Brooklyn Basketball and a lil’ bit Night at the Museum (Museum of Natural history) and a teeny bit Central Park.

Yours truly figured out the subway system,, eyes rolling, head shaking, and two snaps up, let’s hear it for the girls!  The whole train ledge thing completely freaked Kya out though, except for the lady who brought along her lap dog on the train, she liked that part.
I was being lazy again and refused to look “touristy” with the DSLR, so all I have are iphone pics to share. 
I’m pretty sure this is a phone system with direct access to police and fire.  Doesn’t it have an old school charm about it?  Can you see the grainy texture from years of touching up paint?  HOMAGE graffiti sticker, so NYC, yes?  Well, I’d never seen one before so I quick snapped this pic before we skedaddled on home.  I still love it.  I didn’t have the nerve to test it so we’ll just have to assume that it works just fine.
We got home early enough for me to fill the car and purge, purge & mo’ purge.  
And that’s my weekend in a nutshell.  How was yours?
P.S.  In my purge against all things excess, I quit reading blogs at work so I could focus on…work.  I’m waaaay behind in my reader but I’m all caught up at work, imagine that!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What a weekend!

Nephew, Sister, Son
My oldest son turns 17 today, siiiiiiigh, it’s bittersweet. (I wrote this yesterday and had to keep change the wording today/tomorrow.  I felt that if I pushed publish before his bday, it might not happen.  Is it humility? Superstition? or am I just a goofball.)
For our bunch February/March is Birthday Season, between me and my sisters, our family has 5 birthdays in two weeks.  We finally got wise and made it a one weekend deal.  I even suggested going out for FroYo tonight instead of having more cake.  
I am having a hard time with this birthday, I am so proud, humbled and thankful.  And yet I am still anxious, worried and concerned.  My own Dad was very eager for my 40th birthday last year, I think I understand now.  As a parent the concern never turns off, like ever.
etsy button
So yes, I’m a little unsettled today, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  In fact, I think I deserve this little button found on etsy, I actually think it’d be even cuter if the Hubbs was wearing it.